Challenge Escape Room Pordenone

is a live adventure game in which a group of people, locked in a room full of puzzles, uses their intuition to find clues, solve puzzles, decrypt codes, and open secret trays.

In a Escape Room, the victory is the last key!

Escape Room 1: Mr. Lockwell's Studio Escape Room 2: Mr. Lockwell's SUB.128

Escape Room #1 / steampunk
Mr. Lockwell Studio

Challenge the Master of the Riddles and escape from his studio. Pay attention and find secret trays: every clue will be indispensable to find the final key!

Prepare your team to face a gargantuan flow of enigmas designed by Mr. Lockwell.

You will experience a unique experience, in which mind and heart will have to beat at the same pace to find the way out.

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The Studio
of Mr. Lockwell

Escape Room #2 / insane
The Asylum Jailbreak

It's time! The Professor is coming to offer you the best lobotomy he has ever done... It's better to find a way to escape this mad cage quickly!

Are you ready to think fast and differently? Join the new dimension of the Asylum!

Organize your team and be smart enought to force the bars of a mental prison.

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The Asylum

Will you solve all the puzzles
and bring your team to safety?

Check your team cleverness

Creative challenges

Find hidden clues, solve the plot, and develop your side thinking.

Every room hides a mystery, and every mystery reveals another. To win you have to be responsive, agile and think fast. When the hourglass is on the drips and the pressure at best you will reveal your hidden talents!

Team building

Build the perfect team by taking advantage of hidden skills

Personal skills and team collaboration are the alchemy of victory. Everyone is indispensable because everyone thinks differently: your mind will be the key to getting out of the escape room. Contact us and discover our team building projects in escape room.

Fun for everyone

We designed our Escape Room for every age and skill.

This adventure will give you fun and guesswork at variable difficulty levels. You shouldn't have specific knowledge to solve puzzles, but it will be crucial being curious, creative and ready to win!

Find us is really easy.
Leaving us will be a little bit complicated.

Escape Challenge is in Pordenone, in via Roma 15.

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